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I am a product designer, user researcher, and content strategist.

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I'm Eileen, a beach-born New Yorker with a desire to leave the world a little more delightful than I found it. I crave camaraderie and collaboration, and I love the drama of a deadline-driven day.


My Story

How does a baton-twirling radio host end up in UX design? A graduate of Villanova University, I studied communication, specializing in writing and rhetoric.

I became passionate about building community through storytelling and design, which led me to the public relations field. There, I cut my teeth in the creative agency environment and had the opportunity to wear many hats, including copywriter, social media coordinator, and event planner.

I went on to work for a multinational performance art collective. Much of my work there included immersive experience design, event coordination, copywriting, and graphic design of marketing assets like pitch decks, emails, and websites.

I eventually pivoted to the legal field, where I had daily, direct contact with hundreds of clients. My success in that role hinged on organized project management, professional client communications, fervent advocacy, and unwavering empathy. 

I left the legal field because I craved creativity. At last, I arrived at human-centered design, a field that demands every skill in my arsenal.

In three words ...
  • Imaginative

  • Meticulous

  • Tenacious

  • Poetry

  • Cooking

  • Running

  • Interior design

  • Skincare

  • Gemology

  • Windowsill gardening

  • Playlist curation


Let's talk

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+1 (516) 524-3438

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